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The keys to keep the EVOO with the best conditions

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At Verde Esmeralda we know firsthand the importance of taking care of our olive trees to get the best fruits and extract the best juice from each of them. During the harvesting process we put all our attention in each of the phases of the procedure to achieve the best conditions of our oils.

Once we have extracted our Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the packaging of the EVOO and the environment in which it is stored, are of crucial importance, since it is just as important to obtain the oil as it is to maintain it until it is consumed.

First of all, the packaging is a key factor in protecting the oil’s oxidation process. Light, oxygen and temperature changes are the main culprits in the deterioration of the oil, since they advance its oxidation. The container should be dark in color, thus avoiding direct contact with external light. As for the material, plastics or materials such as copper or iron should be avoided. These deteriorate the oil and are weaker in the face of temperature variations. When the packaging is plastic and transparent, the entry of external factors is more aggressive and direct. The benefits of conserving EVOO in glass jars are multiple since it is an inert material, which helps to preserve the original flavor and it is also a material that does not oxidize.

Secondly, regarding the place where we store EVOO, we should avoid placing it near heat, such as the glass-ceramic hob or the oven. The ideal place to store it is a cool, dark place. The temperature should be around 17º-18º. In times of high temperatures such as summer, we should take even more into account these tips. Even so, it is not recommended to store it in the refrigerator as it could crystallize.

Finally, it is very important to keep the bottle tightly closed. The entry of oxygen would accelerate its deterioration and consequently its loss of quality and flavor.

Taking into account the role of bottling and our passion for aesthetics, our bottles comply with the best conditions for the oil to maintain its composition in an optimal way. All the designs created for our oils are made of glass, avoiding the entrance of oxygen through possible pores. The darkness of the colors used prevents the entry and passage of light that would damage and accelerate its oxidation.

The importance of obtaining the best essence of our olive trees is to know how to preserve it, that is why we take care of all the details so that you can enjoy from your home the maximum quality and flavor as if you had just squeezed the extract of the olive tree at that precise moment.

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