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Salmon, pomegranate, mango, blackberry, raspberry and EVOO tartare

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The salmon tartare is here to stay. Years ago eating raw fish was a very unusual practice from Asia. Today, it is more than normalized in most of the world. The benefits of the salmon tartare recipe are many, since salmon is a fatty fish very rich in omega-3, as well as being an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Normally, finding a salmon tartare without avocado is difficult. Be original and discover how to make delicious salmon tartare with Verde Esmeralda Olive.

The ingredients that we will need for the salmon and mango tartare will be:

150gr of salmon without bones or skin.

40gr of red onion.

20gr grains of pomegranate.

50gr of peeled mango.

3 blackberries.

2 raspberries.

¼ of a lime.

5ml of soy.

10ml extra virgin oil Verde Esmeralda.

2gr salt.



Cut the salmon into cubes of about ½ cm on each side.
Cut the mango to the same size and add to the salmon.
Chop the onion very finely and incorporate.
Add the zest of the lime and its juice, the soybeans, salt and half of the Verde Esmeralda extra virgin olive oil.
Mix and marinate for 10 minutes.
Break the blackberries and raspberries into irregular pieces and mix with the pomegranate.
After the resting time, add to the tartar and mix.
Put in a ring mold or forming a small mountain on a flat plate and serve washed down with the Verde Esmeralda oil that is left together with some salt flakes.

Enjoy this healthy recipe and share it on your social networks!

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