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Discover the best Christmas gifts with Verde Esmeralda

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Discover the best Christmas gifts with Verde Esmeralda

Christmas is the time of the year when more gifts are given. Every year we seek to surprise and seeing the happy face of the person who is undoing the bond. The best way to give quality Christmas gifts is to know the person we are giving very well. When we know what the person likes, everything is easier.

Christmas gifts that never fail are those that awaken your senses, and even better if they awaken the sense of your taste buds. Who doesn’t enjoy the first bite of toast with oil in the morning? When you give culinary products as a gift, in addition to taste and quality, you are looking for exquisiteness and exclusivity.

Gastronomic experiences play a fundamental role for those who enjoy exquisite palates. Enjoying and savoring every bite of your favorite food is easy when you know that each ingredient used stands out for its optimal qualities.

In Verde Esmeralda we believe that these dates are for original Christmas gifts. Our olive oils in designer bottles have become the best gift for those who enjoy quality flavor. The green color of our oil shows the purity of our liquid gold, besides having a unique flavor.

In our gourmet store we have different types of extra virgin olive oil, all of them produced with great care for those who savor the essence of the best elixir of quality olives. In the online store you can choose the best Christmas gift and surprise in an original and exquisite way thanks to our taste and our exquisite design.

The best gift for Christmas is the one that is made to delight the person who receives it, to know what excites him/her, to know what makes him/her close his/her eyes to get into the flavor he/she likes the most.

In Verde Esmeralda Olive we know that distinction and quality are the factors that are most valued when receiving gifts. When you get something that you need and it is done in an original way, it surprises and pleases much more. Quality in gifts is much more rewarded and every time that person sees it or uses it, he/she will have a memory of your gift according to its usefulness.

Giving extra virgin olive oil from Verde Esmeralda is to decorate your kitchen with the designs of our bottles and give each of your dishes a touch of gourmet flavor, our flavor.

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Verde Esmeralda Olive wants to give you 4 original gift ideas.

Imagine Picual is one of the favorite flavors of our customers. Giving the gift of quality and exclusivity through our Imagine PACK, is giving drops of exquisiteness for every day. The Imagine pack brings together bottles created with great care, which will become the perfect way to surprise those palates that enjoy a good extra virgin olive oil.



The Verde Esmeralda Premium pack combines the elegance of emeralds with the exquisite taste of our EVOO. The extra virgin olive oil is a basic in our daily life, so giving the best extra virgin olive oil Picual through our emeralds, will mean giving exclusivity and flavor every day in the form of jewelry.



Our Esmeralda pack brings together our 3 jewels: Premium, Red Diamond and Blue Sapphire. The Esmeralda pack has the 3 main varieties, Picual, Royal and Organic, so you can taste the different flavors. Give the gift of the flavor that best suits the person, according to their tastes. The 3 jewels in the same pack, the 3 flavors in the same gift.



The characteristic flavor of the Royal Variety is due to the fact that this olive is only found in the Sierra de Cazorla, worldwide. Its unique character makes it even more exclusive, that is why in Verde Esmeralda Olive we want to offer you the unmistakable Royal Olive Oil in the Imagine pack. You can give as a gift the most unique oil in the world, not only for its autochthonous character but also for the quality of its variety.

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